Theme No. 1: Search for a deeper ethical understanding of HIV/AIDS from the social, sexual and medical ethical aspects.
The new strategy term in the priorities in the fight against HIV/AIDS according to UNAIDS is "comprehensive approach". "Comprehensive approaches to prevention bring the best results". UNAIDS is convinced of this. If so, as a lecturer of ethics, I ask myself: what are the ethical solutions against the pandemic killer, HIV/AIDS, and how they are related with the fundamental ethical principles in the African context? To what extend it is possible to implement these ethical principals in African societies to conquer the pandemic disease? What are the difficulties for their implementation in the African context? How do society and faith communities understand the care for the HIV/AIDS victims from ethical aspects and how do they implement them in Africa?

Theme No. 2: Does politics need an ethical rein? A Search for ethical foundations for a better politics.
Disparities in coalitions, disagreements, lack of principles, incredibility, accumulation of power and riches, , the list of accusations against politics and politicians is endless. In short, the ordinary people say: "Politics is a dirty business!" But is politics, in essence and structure so bad and non-ethical? Should politics be guided by the demoscopic (opinion polls) results?

Or, very often the understanding of politics ends with the analysis of newspapers. Not all the students of today and tomorrow may be active politicians, but by the very vocation of a citizen each and every one has a serious responsibility to help the fellow person form morally sound consciences, thereby promoting good citizenship along with strong Christian beliefs, as well as to build up their nation. Is there a serious need to gain a deeper understanding of the ethical principles found in the traditions of ethics that are necessary for ethically sustainable politics? Though politics and ethics are not identical, they are interwoven. So what are the ethical foundations for a sound politics so that a better future can be built up?

- still to be updated -